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Our team consists of a bunch of friends, situated in the heart of South Africa. Each one of our members are currently studying at the University of Stellenbosch.

We strive to be as flexible as possible, when it comes to work hours and employer duties, to motivate a creative thinking environment. Therefore, our members are free work on their chosen projects and move on when they feel the need to. Our writers almost always collaborate with each other and most blogposts will never have a sole author.


Hi! My name is Michiel, I am the founder of this wonderful company. I am an Industrial Engineer and an Entrepreneur. Feel free to read the sections below to find out a bit more about how I started the company and where we are headed in the future. I am currently involved with the programming and management of the website.

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We want to provide our visitors with factually accurate content while having a truly pleasant experience every time they visit our website.

Our Story:

Like many other great companies, Periodic Table came about almost accidently. In 2020, during a worldwide lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Michiel Bester decided to start working on a long-forgotten dream. The goal was simple, to provide students with free, aesthetically pleasing, online study material. At the time this was surprisingly rare, factoring in the vastness of the internet. Without surprise, this goal of had some ulterior motivate and that was to generate an income from the website. To make his real goal a reality he had to do 3 things. The first was to learn how to code, the second, was to build the website and the third was to start producing an income from the website. Over the course of about 5 months Michiel managed to build the perfect website with the help from a few of his friends. But unfortunately google did not want to approve his site to be hosting ads. It took hours of work to figure out what could be wrong with his website, which in effect lead to the second evolution of the website. Instead of supplying students with only a Periodic Table and study material, he started writing science blogposts. This is where things started to pick up and soon, he had a steady stream of income generated, which he repeatedly reinvested into the company. Jumping back to today Michiel is still working at Periodic Table where he is currently working on expanding his company even further.


Periodic Everything, as a company, stands for fairness and critical thinking, which is imbedded into our everyday behaviour. If you would like more specific examples of how we like to make the workplace fairer feel free to contact us.