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Is the element potassium a health hack?

Updated: November 2022 | 12 min read

Can potassium be one of the biggest health hacks?

Potassium is one of those elements that we hear about very often, but neglect to investigate properly because of our lack of interest. This element can have immense health benefits if consumed via the the right foods.

Properties of potassium

Atomic Number:19
Atomic Symbol:K
Atomic Weight (amu):39.098
Melting point:63.28°C | 145.90°F | 336.43K
Boiling point:760°C | 1400°F | 1033.2K

What does potassium look like?

Pure potassium comes in a metal form. It has a silvery-white appearance and it is very soft. One can easily cut through it with a knife. When combined with water, acid or oxygenated compounds, potassium portrays a lilac color flame.

What is the biological role of potassium?

Potassium is one of the essential minerals that is needed for the human body to be able to function properly. It is used by all forms of tissue in the body. It is responsible for activating cells and is necessary for nerves to function.

What is pure potassium used for?

  • Potassium can be used in fertilisers to enhance and improve plant growth and to increase crop yields.
  • Potassium can be used to replace salt.
  • Combined with hydroxide, potassium (KOH) can be used to form soap, drain cleaners and detergents.

What are the main compounds with potassium

Potassium chloride - is also known as potassium salt and is used to produce medication to treat low blood potassium levels. is amphoteric in nature, and is used in various other chemical, industrial and commercial applications.
Sodium potassium alloy - is used in certain nuclear reactors as a heat transfer medium.
Potassium carbonate - also known as pearl ash, is used to produce soaps and certain types of glass, formed as a byproduct during ammonia production.
Potassium hydroxide - is used to produce products such as drain cleaners, soaps and detergents.

Where can potassium be found?

Most potassium is found in the crust of the earth in clays and feldspars. Potassium is the eighth most abundant element on earth and comprises about 2.1% of the earth's crust, but because it is a very reactive element it is never found in its pure form in nature. It is also released from animal secretions and dead plants and then binds to clay particles where it can be reabsorbed by plants rooted in the soil. It is also found in various food products such as fruits, vegetables, meats, potatoes, nuts, bread and milk.

Is potassium expensive?

Pure potassium sells for about $65 per 100g when bought in bulk and normally sells for about $100 per 100g.
You can buy a one pound pure potassium bar on Amazon:

Will we ever run out of potassium?

The world will most likely never run out of potassium. There are huge amounts of potassium in the ocean because it is soluble in water and thus most of it ends up in our water bodies.

Can potassium be recycled

Since potassium is a key element in plants, is widely used in plant fertilisers and is water soluble, it can be found in wastewater. Extracting potassium from wastewater is possible, however, it is very costly and it places a great amount of strain on the environment.

Who discovered the potassium element?

Potassium was the first metal to be isolated by electrolysis and was discovered by British chemist Sir Humphry Davy in the year 1807 at the Royal Institution in London. He isolated the element by decomposing molten potassium hydroxide.

Is potassium dangerous?

Potassium is a highly reactive metal and should be stored under mineral oil or kerosene for safety reasons. When exposed to water, potassium can explode in a purple flame.

Fun facts about potassium

  • Potassium can be tasted when the concentration is dissolved in water. Concentrated solutions have a salty taste and increasing the concentration in dilutions can create a bitter or alkaline taste.
  • Potassium is used as a source to transport oxygen in space crafts, submarines and mines. Potassium superoxide (KO2) is a solid material. It is orange and it is used to release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.
  • Potassium is one of the crucial elements needed for plants to optimally grow.
  • The human body uses potassium to regulate nerve function as well as manage the body’s kidney function by regulating the fluid system.

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